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Various Python Django web applications developed and deployed.
Most environment are:

  • Linux
  • Amazon EC2
  • Python 2.7
  • Different Django versions
  • Car washing on demand ordering system
  • Medical Survey system
  • RSVP system

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Looking for a software developer you can trust? ask my customers. (Boston)

Credible software developer and project manager.

If you’re looking for a self-sufficient person to develop and support your software needs, I’ll be happy to work with you.

I have a wide knowledge of both development and business understanding. You’ll find an open ear and good advises that already added business value to dozens of customers.

– Enhancements to e-Commerce systems.
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– Automate business processes.
– Development of reports
– Improvements and tuning of Databases.
– Op-Dev operations.

Location: Boston, Cambridge North Shore, South Shore South NH area

References are available.

Can work on-site

– ERP and CRM customization.
– Website development and enhancements.
– Innovative E-commerce Information Technologies expertise E-commerce Business Processes
– Web Technologies Development and Maintenance.
– Database Development and Maintenance Services
– Data and Site Migration Services
– Migrate Excel and MS Access to Databases, Databases to Excel.

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Smart software solutions (Boston)

Your opportunity to use a smart developer with dozens of past projects and many happy customers.

Whether you need an enhancement, or something bigger, look for someone who can add value, knowledge, and can take a complete lead to bring you the solution you wanted, or a bit better.

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Database to Excel
Excel to Database
Email notifications
Send SMS upon criteria
Integration with your suppliers / vendors.
Automated backup procedures
Automated old file deletion.
Compressing folders
Websites enhancements – speed page load, increase conversion rates, decrease bounce rate.
Investment / Trading applications.

Drop an email, I’ll be happy to meet. Not outsourcing, doing it all locally in Boston.
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Software Automation and Productivity

The Connection between Software Automation and Productivity

Software Automation and operations offer an effective resolution in the pressing issues such as a job scheduling software that allows you to automate the production batch schedule, increasing your output in the long run. You can save money and time through skipping in-between job lag times. Automation helps you reduce operator intervention, cut the hours off your processes, and dramatically improve the use of your system.

Software automation does the commands with precision and correct sequence, skipping operator errors and completing job forecast for daily productivity.

The inevitable demand for technology in an organization significantly affects productivity. One example is the widespread use of desktop productivity software and software automation creates substantial gains in both the HR environment and the workplace. The popularity of computers make individuals rely on them all the more while increasing the demands on the system. There is a surge in generating more jobs and the increase in printed output despite efforts of reducing hard copies of reports. Hence, software automation can simply produce a report in an HTML format, place it on you Internet or Intranet (company internal site), and share it with a link via email.

Invest in E-commerce Development to Boost Customer Retention

Why Invest in E-commerce Development to Boost Customer Retention

Ensuring your sales and revenue is the main objective of your business but on top of gaining new customers and clients, customer retention is vital in achieving your goals. E-commerce development is designed to increase your chances of retaining old customers and securing your business with the help of a loyal clientele or market.

How to Use E-commerce Development for Customer Retention

Never underestimate the importance of retaining loyal customers or repeat transaction in increasing the profitability of your business. According to Gartner Group, 20% of the overall 80% of the future revenue of a company comes from existing customers and it is definitely much easier to make sales to existing customers than new prospects.

E-commerce development particularly CRM software helps you manage your activities to boost customer retention through client engagement. Keep your VIP customers while targeting new ones with special offers to draw them in. reward profitable customers and personalize your follow-up.

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Customer Retention with E-Commerce Development

How E-Commerce Will Support Customer Retention

A long-term and good customer partnership allows you to ensure customer retention and e-commerce development such as CRM software could increase your chances of keeping your loyal customers and ensuring your sales and profitability in the future. Make sure you use the best e-commerce tools to keep additional revenue flowing in.

Customer Retention with E-Commerce Development

CRM software or managing your customer relationship in E-Commerce software increases your chances of getting better customer retention starting with the tool that helps you keep your VIP clients. Identify the important factors that influence their loyalty as well as variable such as their product usage, purchase patterns, and service calls. List down your VIP customers and make follow-up communications if they have not made any recent purchase in the last six months upon using your CRM software. Use special offers in targeting your customers but make sure you know your customers well so that you can customize your approach.

E-commerce development is a helpful tool that ensures customer retention and ensures your company’s sale and profitability with the help of existing customers and new prospects.

Software Automation leads to Efficiency

Efficiency with Software Automation – How It Really Works

A dramatic decrease of roughly 3 million in the American agricultural employment shows that up to 90% lost their jobs in the agriculture sector from 1900 to 1990. Automation is deemed as the main cause of this employment trend. Nevertheless, the 20th century remains as the time period that witnessed record-breaking prosperity.

Software Automation and Efficiency

In the present, a similar shift shows that machines will take over several jobs and potential future careers are not yet conceptualized today. The trend results in the mixture of fear and excitement in people. Enterprises that shy away from software automation will not survive and leaders would need to continue motivating their employees who are uncertain if they would keep their jobs or not.

Despite the fear in most people and the pending invasion of automation in the employment sector, software automation still brings about efficiency and increases the productivity in the work sector.

Software Automation and Economic Growth

How Industrial Automation Can Affect Economic Growth

Industrial automation plays a crucial role in the economic growth especially of developing countries in the world. Technical automation potential does not really have significant impact across global economy but 81% of the automatable manufacturing hours of the world depend on the increase of automation in developing countries.

The Link between Industrial Automation and Economic Growth

Developing countries hold 49% of the automatable labor value which means that the increase in industrial automation in these places has significant impact in the global economy. China and India are the top places with 68% automatable manufacturing hours and 62% automatable labor value. There is a possibility for an industry-changing automation-driven disruption in these two countries, depending on the scale and speed of the plunge of the automation solution costs that could potentially reach below wage levels.

India and China may experience major employment repercussions especially if they don’t make a radical shift towards industrial automation. Automation results in a dramatic upsurge of economic growth in these two countries and in a global scale.

Python Developer – sample code for Python JSON

import json
import pprint

#generate the JSON file
#will have 2 fields, one is an array (multiple records inside)

#*** make sure the fields and data are written in double quotes

my_json["description"]="This is a json file creation example written in Python"
for i in range(10):
	my_json["data"].append({"id":i,"name":"name "+str(i)})

#take a look at the JSON output
print my_json

#write the file to the disk
with open(fn,"w") as f:

#Now check if the JSON is valid (can be read as JSON)

data = json.load(json_data)

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