Repeat Customer Rate – Making Sure your Customers Come Back

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Repeat customer rate is the percentage of your current or previous customers that will most likely return and make another transaction such as a second purchase via your website. In order to determine your RCR, take note of the total number of new customers on a given timeframe or cohort and divide it by the number of your return customers or those who made another purchase given a specific time period.

Repeat Customer Rate Booster Techniques

Repeat customers become the lifeblood of your business and an indication of its success. There are various ways to improve your RCR such as offering a remarkable customer service so that anyone who makes a transaction with you is happy with their initial purchase. Use marketing strategies such as newsletters and email lists as tools to distribute timely contents and offers to your customers.

Boosting your repeat customer rate should be the main focus of your business. Evaluate your loyalty program and review if rewards are practical components or otherwise.

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What is a Sales Funnel

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A sales funnel is a visualization tool that helps you identify the position of your prospects allowing you to know where they currently are in the process of making a sound buying decision. The top of the sales funnel is basically wide on top because this is where all prospective customers with varied engagements enter. The most engaged customers are brought to the funnel’s bottom that will be converted into sales and repeat customers.

Stages of the Sales Funnel

The first stage of the sales funnel is awareness when the customer is introduced to your brand. The next stage is consideration when the customer considers your brand among others in your niche. Next, the customer prefers your brand, purchases your products and services and becomes a loyal and repeat customer in the end.

As the sales funnel gets to the bottom, the prospects naturally decreases in number. This scenario is normal as you gradually screen your prospects.

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Landing Pages – More Than Capturing your Customers’ Attention

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A landing page refers to the page that contains information directly addressing a specific issue or problem and highlighting it on your website. The page must basically have one call to action and its main purpose is for you to be able to attain the contact information of your prospects or ensure a sale. It is essential for your traffic to reach your landing page for a much higher conversion rate.

Must-Know Tips for Quality Landing Pages

The main product or service of your brand should be emphasized on your landing page as a part of your marketing campaign. It is essential that the landing page content features copy that is connected to your products or services and other important details that your prospects should know.

Specific contents of landing pages are the ones that lay a central problem and your call to action that is relevant to the needs of your website visitors.

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Conversion Rate – How to Make your Visitors Buy

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Conversion rate is the percentage of the visitors to your website that is going to respond to your call to action, specifically in making a purchase. There is an easy way to calculate the rate, which is to divide the number of site visitors who bought from your website by the total quantity of your website visitors. Having a good conversion rate is important so that other metrics follow suit.

How to Improve your Conversion Rate

Three percent is the average conversion rate regardless of the industries and improving your rate requires you to make your website easy to find for your target customers. It is essential that your products look appealing more than those of your competitions. Quality and pleasing graphics become even more effective with the use of compelling and emotionally powerful texts.

Better conversion rates may also rely on the fast and hassle-free checkout process thus, eliminate unnecessary steps. Use videos and offer financing options as alternatives.

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Page Load Times – e-Commerce developer

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Page load time is the length of time that each page on your website would take in order to load. Business websites require a much faster response for their pages to load because customers basically do not like to wait and linger for over 3 seconds in order to access your page. On top of that, the load time of your page is essential to have a higher SEO ranking because Google considers it along with site speed in determining the websites on top of their SERPs.

Fixing your Page Load Times

The initial step to improve the loading time of your page is to check your image or graphic sizes. The ideal size of your site photos should be less than 1000 pixels and below 100 dpi. Reduce the image size for speedy loading and avoid Flash or Javascript if possible.

Better and faster page load times are important criteria in making sure that your website becomes user-friendly and SEO-ready.

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Python development – scrap stream data

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from lxml.html import fromstring
from lxml.etree import tostring

import urllib2




except Exception, e:

	print "root", e

for p in  p_tags:
		print p.text
	except Exception, e:
		print e

print "End",

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Automation developer – a Global Trend

Automation is a global trend that is not going to a halt anytime soon. The rise of automatic machines and artificial intelligence is seen to become more widespread especially in the professional niche. In fact, more and more jobs will experience major disruption in the coming years with the emergence of virtual assistants, intermediary services, and even manual labor.

Automation is a possibility in the world of employment despite the fact that humans are quite essential in specific areas. Optimization in professional employment results in fully automated jobs that require embedded technology. The demand for workers will have a major shift due to machine intelligence.

Automation could potentially displace millions of jobs in the near future. For instance, there is a huge question where humans will go for employment when automated machines can actually replace you and do your work with more efficiency. The emergence of automation in the employment niche is one major issue that the world will face in 2018 and beyond.

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Ecommerce – The Coming Reign of Online Retail is Near

Ecommerce is seeing a brighter future especially in the field of retail and 2018 is what experts are eyeing as the ultimate era for the online retail industry. According to a Forrester report, online retail will be stronger than ever in the year 2018. In fact, 83 percent of adults in the United States do their shopping and purchase items on Amazon in the previous year.

The growing number of Internet-based shopping sites and digital storefronts offers more convenience as well as becoming an attractive option for modern-day consumers. Following the trend, ecommerce is seen to start taking a huge part and become a key player in the retail niche.

There are current players in the retail industry that are expected to make a major move or innovation in order to establish a prominent online presence. These key players aim to safeguard their spot in the retail industry with the inevitable growth and disruption of the ecommerce trend.

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Subscription model business

Subscription business is fast becoming the latest trend for most companies, specifically as their revenue model. The costing for pay-per-use is a thing of the past and this type of income generator for most enterprises is not making a comeback anytime soon. The major shift in recurring revenue models is quite unstoppable with its widespread use and promising results.

Consumers have the power to order all types of items from groceries, clothing to cleaning supplies. Companies offer subscription services in order for consumers to conveniently make their order and enjoy direct delivery to their doorsteps. Moreover, they can do this on their preferred schedule such as weekly or monthly.

Subscription businesses become more widespread and expand from physical goods to software offers. In this type of service model, consumers can pay their monthly fee for recurring services on a specific cycle. Many startup businesses are expected to boost their subscription offers into verticals and focus on the specialization of their services.

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Chatbots development

Messaging bots are taking the Internet by storm with the growing number of enterprises investing in the application of chatbots in their systems. This feature is undeniably ensuring visible impact, particularly on the software industry. More and more companies are venturing into the development of their respective consumer-centered bots.

The simplified level of chatbots showcases front-end interfaces that companies utilize in order to get in touch with their customers. For more advanced chatbot features, the use of artificial intelligence offers cutting-edge advantage specifically in offering interactive and enriching online experiences for user.

Chatbots are embedded on the home pages of the company’s official website or they can also use native platforms such as Slack and Facebook for marketing and distributing their brand. Enterprises across industries are expected to create chatbots that focus on sales, marketing services, and customer support. Messaging bots are expected to become more widespread in industries that offer travel, dining, and hospitality services.

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