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Page load time is the length of time that each page on your website would take in order to load. Business websites require a much faster response for their pages to load because customers basically do not like to wait and linger for over 3 seconds in order to access your page. On top of that, the load time of your page is essential to have a higher SEO ranking because Google considers it along with site speed in determining the websites on top of their SERPs.

Fixing your Page Load Times

The initial step to improve the loading time of your page is to check your image or graphic sizes. The ideal size of your site photos should be less than 1000 pixels and below 100 dpi. Reduce the image size for speedy loading and avoid Flash or Javascript if possible.

Better and faster page load times are important criteria in making sure that your website becomes user-friendly and SEO-ready.

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Automate Testing a Web Application with Python

Automate testing a web application with Python using a wide range of powerful and relevant frameworks and tools. Splinter is one of the widely used testing tools with automated features that assess web apps using the popular programming language. It automates manual processes and tasks for testing web-based software apps, covering actions from opening the browser to checking its proper loading and app interactions.

Tools to Automate Testing a Web Application with Python

Splinter is a commendable automatic testing tool, which is an open source instrument that functions for testing multiple web apps using Python. Thus, Splinter’s testing tasks are written in Python and allow automated browser actions from visiting URLs to web interactions. The tool highlights built-in user-friendly functions that are designed for frequently used tasks.

Even a newbie will find it convenient and hassle-free to utilize Splinter and specific automated processes despite having limited Python scripting know-how. Selenium is another web app testing tool that offers usable abstraction layers for automated testing with Python.

Selenium, splinter Web testing with Python

Web application testing with Python is made easier and better with the help of Splinter through automated browser interactions. The tool makes actions such as link visit automated and requires just a few code lines when you click on page links or components.

Options for Web Application Testing with Python

One of the choices for testing web apps with Python features is Selenium, which enables automatic testing and tasks across multiple platforms with different browsers. The key element highlights integrating different programming languages as well as frameworks for web testing. Mechanize is a web app testing option that facilitates web browsing with programmatic Python features, emphasizing automatic robots.txt observance and link parsing.

Automated sequence of actions for better browser interaction is an important feature for testing web apps. It may range from simple opening of the webpage to identifying proper browser loading and other advanced performances such as determining the webpage’s visual states.

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Testing Code with Python – Creating Reliable Software

Testing code with Python is an important task and proven effective method in creating trusted software especially those with bigger code-base size. Even a large IT team may not possibly comply with the modifications and interactions that take place between such changes. Software that has more complex prototypes requires automated testing to maintain its reliability.

How Testing Code with Python Works

Inadequate or zero testing serves as the main culprit why major software programs and their development usually fail. Identifying the functionality of the software is only possible when it undergoes testing. The testing process could either be manual using a click button or typing the input. Automatic testing is more accurate and effective as you only write down the software programs you need to use to test the app.

Testing code with Python may come in unit testing or isolating a single function for testing and integration testing or evaluating more than just one function at the same time. Interface testing ensures the precision of the user’s interaction with the software.

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Splinter – an open source tool for testing web applications using Python
unittest – test framework

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