Python Developer – sample code for Python JSON

import json
import pprint

#generate the JSON file
#will have 2 fields, one is an array (multiple records inside)

#*** make sure the fields and data are written in double quotes

my_json["description"]="This is a json file creation example written in Python"
for i in range(10):
	my_json["data"].append({"id":i,"name":"name "+str(i)})

#take a look at the JSON output
print my_json

#write the file to the disk
with open(fn,"w") as f:

#Now check if the JSON is valid (can be read as JSON)

data = json.load(json_data)

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Python Web Developer – quick web server with Python

Using this when I want to share data or even files.

Place the code in the directory that host the data/files, and if there is no index.html, the visitors can see the files and e.g. download them.

import SimpleHTTPServer
import SocketServer

PORT = 8000

Handler = SimpleHTTPServer.SimpleHTTPRequestHandler

httpd = SocketServer.TCPServer((“”, PORT), Handler)

print “Started”


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Python Developer – dictionary and type to JSON example

import json

c=type(“OT_PROJECTS”,(object,),{“role”:”Python Developer”,”location”:”Boston MA”})


print d


for item in d:

for sub_item in d[item]:

if isinstance(d[item][sub_item],type):

for k,v in [(k,v) for (k,v) in d[item][sub_item].__dict__.iteritems() if not “__” in k]:




print e


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The latest data-specific analysis releases its report on the capital and economic market in the Boston metropolitan area. Relevant economic factors and identifiers of the desirability of the city as a business location hub and standpoint help determine the final results. Important factors that lead to the recognition of Boston’s growth as an e-commerce capital include human capital, cost, business environment, transportation, and quality of life. Geography and other subjective categories are also essential variables in the report.

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A Closer Look at E-commerce Development for Medical Supply

Healthcare and medical supplier requirements in connection to e-commerce may differ from business to business e-commerce. One of the main differences is in the content management needs where the product information could vary based on the size of the supplier and its buyer. Therefore, there is a difference in the content management level requirements. Medical suppliers may have different product information while buyers’ needs could be diverse in terms of the procurement and materials management.

Healthcare e-commerce websites are the main source of up to 15 percent of the total revenues for healthcare supplier sectors. Many suppliers move to B2B e-commerce processes after they do their analysis on their ROI or return on investment, resulting in up to 30% positive results. For more mature and professional players in the industry, the results are even better with their businesses receiving bigger web orders that could potentially reach between 60 and 65 percent increase.

Business Intelligence Developer for Essential BI Reports

The function of the Business Intelligence (BI) developer is to coordinate, develop, implement, and support the enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) reports. Business Intelligence is primarily a tech-driven process that analyzes data and presents actionable information in order to facilitate the decision-making of managers, executives, and other corporate end-users. The BI report developer collates and documents the reporting requirements that are necessary to meet the different business needs of an enterprise.

The result of the business intelligence report done by a Business Intelligence Developer needs particularly in designing, implementing, and testing reports and dashboards. Candidates are required to closely coordinate with the Agile development team using BI software tools such as QlikView and Tableau. These tools offer functional, analytical, and technical support for BI initiatives including the development, configuration, and support of data management and complex multi-dimensional models of logical and physical databases. Reasonable accommodations make individuals with a disability do their maximum performance and function.

SQL Developer in Boston

The best practices of programming language include producing effective and healthy T-SQL codes. SQL developer considers creating in sets or relational terms when you write your T-SQL code but it would require a basic background in procedural programming. Adopt the correct mindset in writing your bode such as not getting stuck to using new language as your code extension. Have a better understanding of the T-SQL concepts that relate to rows, columns, and tables, which have different significance to file, record, and field.

SQL developer can use NULLS which represent a missing value and applicable or inapplicable. NULL refers to the symbol for the missing value and not a value per se. Be mindful of the NULLs when you write your T-SQL codes along with their interaction that is considered special and at times counter-intuitive. Always remember that in writing the T-SQL codes, you need to consider if the data could possibly interact with NULLs and if you should make specific tests for NULLs.

Python Developer in Boston – Revolutionizing Introductory Programming Language

Python is a revolutionary introductory programming language with excellent features that full-stack developers benefit from. It is a highly recommended back-end language but is also generally functional in other platforms and scenarios. A Python Developer applies this general-purpose programming language that is designed to create all types of computer software and programs. The Python code is preferable because of it’s easy to read inherent features specifically the easy to learn syntax and good programming naming and style. As a language, it’s a Python developer friendly programming language among many other features.

A computer instructor states that the emphasis on good indentation is but a small detail but is a highly appreciated feature of Python. It requires programmers to effectively organize their loops, program logic, and conditions. Python developer enjoys a simple design but it is quite powerful and versatile, making it popular in the computer science niche. Eighty percent of renowned and widely, MIT and Boston area are Python development fans, computer science programs primarily teach Python as their preferred introductory programming language.

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