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Tournament Manager


This application is aimed to serve the weekend style tournament organizers.

The key is to provide a simple setup, and avoid the need to use excel, PDF files and rusn after maintaining scores



  • Prepare the tournament
    • Register the participating teams.
    • Add you staff memebers (referees, counter desk).
    • Set divisions, rounds, locations (rinks).
    • Create the tournament schedule, assign teams and staff and game location.


  • Tournament activities
    • Save scores in real time - also from your mobile phone!.
    • Set playoff, semi and final games.


  • Tournament displays - open for any one.
    • See schedule.
    • See results in real time.
    • Watch results on twitter in real time.
    • See standing on game end.
    • Get email alerts for scores, final scores, schedule changes and standing changes.
    • See an example:

      Tournament manager - user view


We also offer an optional tournament website to manage information, registration and more.